Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Changes

I planned to come on and show how far i've come in my hair journey, however, i've had a major event happen in my life that has changed that plan.

On Monday I was doing what i'm usually doing at 9pm, sitting on my computer looking at email getting ready to go to FaceBook when I received a call from a friend. I thought to myself this is odd, because we normally communicate through email or Facebook baring anything serious. Friend: "Hi Sonya ".
Me: "Hi". (giggle)
Friend: "You know this is C".
Me: "Yeah I know your voice".
Friend:"Well I just wanted to catch you before you went on FaceBook".
Friend:"Well I don't know if you've been informed but O took his life on Friday".
Me:(silence)..........."What do you mean?????"?
I was and am in a state of disbelief. O was a very compassionate and giving person. He was going through some very painful things but I thought he was doing well with it. He, like many of us, had demons from his past he hadn't dealt with. Now add in pressures and distress of the now. Not a good mixture. This event has been a big awakening for all that he came in contact with because he had that kind of effect on people. I don't think he even realised how much he would be missed. He helped me through a very dark period I was going through and wish i'd had the opportunity to do the same for him. I am truly saddened by this and do everything I can not to think of the time we spent together because it is sooooo painful. I miss him more than I thought I ever could.

This event made me think "What have I done in my life to leave this kind of impression on other people?" I can honestly say I have work to do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 months

6 months pictures.

Its Been 6mths!!!

It really doesn't feel like it's been six months. I guess when you're busy all the time you really don't notice the days flying by. I took this opportunity to visit a consultant to get a "check up" of how my hair was doing. I had a great time. I didn't have to listen to and worry about the comfort of my family while I was trying to relax and enjoy my me time. It was great!!

I also had a chance to learn and confirm a few things. She helped ease my mind as far as how well I was doing with my self retightenings. I am doing a great job just take my rotations in the opposite direction. She also confirmed the concerns about having my hair retightend with too much tension a few months ago. The problem was worse than I thought, the hair is broken of soo abd that she thought there were locks missing. Other locks were thick at the base where they had grown out and thin on the ends because the hair had snapped and those that hadn't snapped were hanging on. I was happy I wasn't crazy but in the same turn pissed because of all the breakage and time it will take to repir the damage. There was no way I would have been able to catch the hair that had snapped up into the lock until it had grown out more. Thankfully she was able to catch some that had grwon in. Once again, live and learn.

6mths pictures to follow!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

What The....?I

So I've been away for quite awhile. AGAIN!. Still doing work for others on their websites and some administration work. While engaged in all these ventures, i've been having a war going on with my hair. Unfortunatly I didn't know the war was active. I've been doing my same hair care routine with a few surprises. I noticed balls of hair coming out of my locks that have slide to the tips. I thought I was losing my hiar. Then I remembered about the lose hairs that weren't matted yet in my locks. The biggest of issues I am facing at the moment came after I washed my hair (braided and banded) last week. I did an ACV rinse( i've done this on several occassions before). This time my hair felt really wrong. It was extremely stiff. The next day it was extremely soft. Needless to say I had several locks completely unravel. Now i'm trying to figure out what happened???!!! I've toyed with the idea of just unraveling them all, starting over with braidlocks and calling it aday. Then I remembered I have some locks that are completely locked. I love my locks and wouldn't want any other hair choice. So doing anything other than is out of the question. I decided to just go and see someone to have my hair checked over and retightened. This will just be a much needed treat for me. GOD knows I need a few hours to myself.