Thursday, January 22, 2009

Job Hunting

Well, or should I say not so well. That's how the job hunting is going. Before I took my National exam I had tons of offers for employment. Now that i'm certified and can work anywhere the great opportunity hasn't been offered to me. All be it the other opportunities were in Alpharetta, Roswell, Smyrna and the likes. Can we say toooooo far away for the money. These are some great places to work but when you have small children it's just not smart to try and race against time.

Okay, so I have a degree in culinary, trained as a medical assistant and certified as a massage therapist. What in this world of change is going on!!! I figure at some point I will be able to provide a service that indulges, relaxes and rejuvinates my clients. Not only on a phsical level but also a spiritual level. A total you perspective.
Food, meditation, relaxation through touch therapy (massage, reflexology, raindrop therapy, Reiki, hot stones, aromatherapy). This is what I plan for my future clients. Right now I just have to have some income coming in without exhausting myself. Lived that life once, repeats not welcome here.
My household is a little upside right now. We have nooooo income coming in. Everyday is becoming more intense. Sending out resumes day after day can break a person.
Well gotta go pull something together for dinner.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm glad you found my new home. I am in the process of unpacking and placing things where I want them to be. Please be patient and allow me to fill the space accordingly.

I paln to add another blog linked from this page that will be my space to place all my faovrite quick and healthy recipes I love. I use lots of olive oil, vegetables and herbs. I hope you will come back to visit and take part in my next journey.