Monday, April 27, 2009

I Can See The Changes

I've been away for a minute because of some health issues. Several years ago I had corneal trnasplants. Yes, transplants with an (s). I've had issues with my left eye that the Drs have been correcting for years since. Lately my eye has decided to give me more issues. For a few days I have had extreme light sensitivity and pain. This means i've been in the dark for some time and i've had to use my shades indoors. But one of my Drs instructed me to use two of my on hand drops which has helped. Unfortunatly, since the drops have provided some relief this means I most likely have an infection. Not good considering the number of return trips to surgery i've had for this eye. I have an appointment with the Dr yet again. This will be about the 6th this year already. Anywho, i'm here to post pictures and let you see the changes my hair has gone through since my last post. Enjoy and please comment.

Compare to the last photos.

This is what my hair looks like when I get up in the morning. Straight!! I am now trying to figure out some new things to do with my hair. I am planning a trip to have my hair looked at just to know how far along it has come. There are a few in the center of my head that I know have locked. This is the tightest patch of hair on my head. This is truly and interesting journey.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

OH the things we learn...

So i've been away for awhile trying to get some order to my life. In doing so i've learned quite a bit.

  1. There is a reason people retighten their hair in sections over a period of time.
  2. OCD, I am.
  3. What I see is not what others see.
  4. It's not that serious!!

Okay, so after retightening my hair in my last post I was excited and proud of my accomplishment. Well, that all came with a HEFTY price. Because I had decided I would complete my hair over a period of 2 days, a issue I have because what many would call my OCD characteristic, my body suffered from it. You see I feel if you start something you must keep going until it is complete. This has kept me awake many a night to finish a project. I must see results to call it a day. I know now how insane I was. I later suffered from a very stiff neck. The pain was excruciating. Fortunatly, I had some left over mucle relaxers from a previous injury and had massage training to work it out. I was in the middle of completing the retightening and having a discusion with my sister, we were walking the track, yes I sad walking the track, OCD, when she just came right out and said there is nothing wrong with your hair. To me it just wasn't good enough. If I could I would remove my scalp and lay it out in front of me to make sure what I was completing was perfect. Somehow I don't think i'll feel satisfied until I have someone walk me throught it that I feel is also a perfectionist. I'm learning, learning, learning, to relax and just let it be. Until it really bugs the crap out of me. :)

Since my hair has grown since my last retightening I have to get more photos up. I'm really surprised at how fast it's growing! I don't know why because it always has since i've been natural. My only issue was I was tired of trying to figure out what to do with it. So I would just cut it off and start the process over. Any who pictures coming soon!


If you hear popping while someone is retightening your hair take heed this warning, too many rotations. I figured this out after I had my hair retightend professionally. When I decided to retighten my own hair there was so much fuzzy hair that was too short to be caught. You can probably tell in the last photos. It was because my hair had so much breakage. Now I have to work to maintain my broken hair. It will grow back!! Remember headache=damaged hair.