Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures at 1 1/2 weeks after 2nd retightening.

Here are the pictures I promised.

Pay no attention to the crooked parts. I was just trying to see what I could do while I was watching television. This is the frst time i've been able to do something with my hair since I got sister locks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Now!!!

Ever take a moment and think about "What am I contributing to society?" Lately i've been doing alot of that. Filing for a Therapist license in GA in a process. Many say it can take weeks for the process to be over. Well in this time i've been doing some processing of my own. I 've attended more than my share of schools and alearned a great many things. However, I feel as though i've just scrated the surface. My family wants me to stop going to school and do something with all the schooling I already have. (Think Lynn from Girlfriends). I know so much but just can't figure out how to package it and do so in a way that benefits others as well as satifies myself. I have a degree in culinary, nationaly certified as a massage therapist and bodyworker, nutritional training, didn't finish my schooling for psychology, trained as a medical assistant, trained baker and the lsit goes on....... Now What Do I Do With All This. I would love to open a bakery selling wholesome goods. Whole grain breads, pizzas, snacks and pastries. Products for people that have health issues such as gluten and diabetes and allergies. My heart has always been in the food realm and trying to figure ways to have people eat healthy without giving up taste and quality. Okay Now What??

The Pain is Gone.

So it's been 1 1/2 weeks since my last retightening. I was taking a few different pain meds because my head was killing me. I learned alot during that time.

  1. My body takes a greater amount of time to purge medications than most people. Especially if it's close to a narcotic type pain med. I have some Ultram left from when I tore a ligament in my foot. Since the pain of my head was the same as the pain of my foot I thought what the hey. I soon remembered why I chose to suffer through the foot pain. The meds are to be taken every 4-6hrs. One pill lasted me 1 1/2 days. Never again.
  2. If there's pain when the process starts there is going to be pain at the end. How long the pain lasts you will soon find out.
  3. If there is pain there will be bumps.
  4. Since my scalp is naturaly soo dry i have to oil it every 4-5days. I started using an oil I use on my daughter's hair. BB growth oil. I have a small bottle with a direction tip on it. I added a few drops of tea tree oil (my favorite cure all, since i'm a naturalist i've been using it for years.) Anyway the growth oil is all essential oils. No petro, lanolin, wax or mineral oils. I love it. My scalp loves it. I have had no slippage!!!! I washed my hair before my last retightening and don't plain to wash it again until the day before the next retightening.
  5. Use the oil or flake up!!

My hair has had time to lose the spacey look so i'll take some pictures to show the difference 1 week makes.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Pictures!!

Here are the new pictures I promised:

If you view my other pictures you can see the difference between this retightening and my last. This is day four and my head still is tight. Definatly one less rotation. I have the hair bumps to prove it. Beauty is not painful!!!!

More Photos:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Retightening done

Okay, so I had my retightening done. It unfortunatly took two days (12hrs) total. Yes I did say twelve hours. This consultant was much closer and she is very funny. I decided to go with someone that has been recommended by another blogger. She is very fast and told me that we would not be doing anymore long retightening sessions EVER. It's been three(3) days and my head is still sore. That's something i'll have to discuss with her next time. It sort of reminds me of when you go get your hair braided. That is a feeling I was determined to never feel again. NEVER SAY NEVER! However, after reading Brunsli's blogg I will make sure to never allow that to happen to me again. The whole point of locks is a healthy head not just healthy hair. Hair loss I don't need. I will be posting pictures of my retightening tomorrow. Gotta go buy some rollers and material to make some socks for my head. Fortunatly I can sew and don't need any patterns I can look at something and reproduce it. Family filled with sewers!!! Back later.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Time for a Retightening.

It's time for a hair fix. I'm do to get a retightening on the 7th. Unfortunatly the only funds I have left are to get my hair retightened. It will be the end of cash for me as I still don't have any money coming in. I could use the funds to pay my car note. Well at least a protion of it. But after paying $525 to have these locks put in I can't afford to not have the process continued. I have decided to switch consultants. I've found on that is closer to home and she comes highly recommended. This will save me a few dollars that I don't have. Somehow, someway funds will come for me to pay my bills.

I have some not so pretty pictures. I will be 2mths SL on the 8th and 9th. Some of the pictures are form my last retightening and then there are those from after my wash with the SL shampoo. I won't be using that again. It's just not for my already extremely dry scalp. I've tried the Seabreeze technique (worked for about 5mins). I eventually started using Benadryl spray to control the itch and burn. Anyway, enough about my trials here are some updated pictures.

I can officially say I have had the plucked chicken hairstyle. I don't ever want to see myself look like that again. It took several days for that to soften up. Okay, I know you can see the white dots in my hair. The dots are from the after effects of the shampoo. the last time I experienced something like this was when I had a perm. I have a very sensitive scalp. I have to pay close attention to whatever I put on my skin or all heck could break out on my body.
More Photos: