Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Life Changes

I planned to come on and show how far i've come in my hair journey, however, i've had a major event happen in my life that has changed that plan.

On Monday I was doing what i'm usually doing at 9pm, sitting on my computer looking at email getting ready to go to FaceBook when I received a call from a friend. I thought to myself this is odd, because we normally communicate through email or Facebook baring anything serious. Friend: "Hi Sonya ".
Me: "Hi". (giggle)
Friend: "You know this is C".
Me: "Yeah I know your voice".
Friend:"Well I just wanted to catch you before you went on FaceBook".
Friend:"Well I don't know if you've been informed but O took his life on Friday".
Me:(silence)..........."What do you mean?????"?
I was and am in a state of disbelief. O was a very compassionate and giving person. He was going through some very painful things but I thought he was doing well with it. He, like many of us, had demons from his past he hadn't dealt with. Now add in pressures and distress of the now. Not a good mixture. This event has been a big awakening for all that he came in contact with because he had that kind of effect on people. I don't think he even realised how much he would be missed. He helped me through a very dark period I was going through and wish i'd had the opportunity to do the same for him. I am truly saddened by this and do everything I can not to think of the time we spent together because it is sooooo painful. I miss him more than I thought I ever could.

This event made me think "What have I done in my life to leave this kind of impression on other people?" I can honestly say I have work to do.


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